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  • Last applicants’ attorneys from ‘Justicia Legal’ investigation get their cases dismissed in Orange County Superior Court more than six years after being charged

    Rony M. Barsoum and Jorge Humberto Reyes had their cases dismissed February 1, 2024.  Robin Jacobs’ case was dismissed on January 29, 2024. 

    These three applicants’ attorneys were part of the original June 5, 2017 Complaint from the Orange County District Attorney.  This complaint was rife with charges of workers’ compensation claims fraud. 

    There were originally 10 applicants’ attorneys charged.

    Many pleading documents were dismissed and then refiled, and then refiled and dismissed again in spades, back and forth between complaints and indictments. For six years the case originally nicknamed Justicia Legal, took on other nicknames along the way, depending upon whether the insurance claims investigators, the prosecutors, or the defendants were referring to this case.

    The latest charging document was called the Subject Felony Complaint.  It did not involve the same conduct as prior prosecutions for tolling purposes.  And the statute of limitations was mostly four years.

    Either / or / anyway, the statute of limitations was not met.  It also did not afford the defendants adequate notice of the offenses, with which they were charged.

    Thus,... Read More

    Matthew Rifat's lawyer stated Rifat was charged and arrested for witness suppression because the prosecution was angry he was getting discovery from his civil case. Part Two.

    Part Two

    Over two decades ago, I came down with a serious illness that incapacitated me.  A couple of medical specialists could not come up with any diagnosis.  Thus, my private personal disability and... Read More

    Matthew Rifat’s lawyer stated Rifat was charged and arrested for witness suppression because the prosecution was angry he was getting discovery from his civil case. (Part One)

    Part One, Rifat was charged and arrested for witness suppression…  Matthew Rifat, the owner of Parkside Solutions, was indicted by the Riverside District Attorney on January 16th 2019 for insurance fraud and money laundering.  Rifat handled bookkeeping services and miscellaneous legal work for Blue Oak Medical Group.  Blue Oaks was centralized in Riverside County but... Read More
    Dr. Munir Uwaydah at year’s end 2008. Copyright Lonce Lamonte, all rights reserved

    Party house in Beverly Hills in receivership and still full of squatters.  Seized by the court to provide restitution to insurance company victims, it bears the patterns and practices of Munir Uwaydah’s dance steps. 

    At least as of Friday, it seems the “party house” in Beverly Hills at the edge of Bel Air and Beverly Hills that sits at 1316 Beverly Grove, is still in full swing.  It’s the house of Dr. Munir Uwaydah, or at least was the house of Dr. Uwaydah, and for many years depending on... Read More
    Dr. Munir Uwaydah, circa 2008. All rights reserved, copyrighted.

    Squatters living in Dr. Munir Uwaydah’s Beverly Hills house now throwing wild parties.  Neighbors are at wits’ end and have called the cops at least 50 times. 

    A “Beverly Hills mansion” has been in the news for the past few days as a place that has been taken over by squatters and is having wild parties with cocaine, excessive alcohol consumption, orgies, and all kinds of imaginable decadence.  It has been reported on Fox Digital News, USA TODAY, Los Angeles Magazine and... Read More

    Matthew Rifat’s second trial coming up.  He was arrested for witness tampering by Riverside County investigator Dave Jones on Rifat’s birthday.

    Matthew Rifat, along with other defendants, in the Riverside County Uwaydah organization case (Blue Oak Medical Group), was indicted for money laundering and workers’ comp claims fraud on January 17th 2019.  Rifat is today the only defendant in this Blue Oak case who has not taken a plea deal.  And his second trial is now... Read More

    Matthew Rifat files a motion ex-parte but can’t remember filing it.  Shannon Moore’s lawyer, Anthony Colombo, states it could be reasonable Rifat can’t remember because Munir Uwaydah most likely ghost wrote it posing as Rifat. 

    Matthew Rifat’s second trial in Riverside was put off to February 2024.  His first trial ended in a hung jury on July 1st 2022.    This second trial had recently been set for January 16th 2024, but the prosecution wanted to continue it to late March or early April.  But Rifat opposed it.  Therefore, the... Read More

    Case of the three Matthews. Matthew Rifat, defendant, back on calendar for his second trial in Riverside County Superior Court, Hall of Justice. Matthew Murray, prosecutor. Matthew Perantoni, judge. And Blue Oak Medical Group with the ghost of Munir Uwaydah.

    In the last writing here on adjustercom about the Matthew Rifat case, it was stated the real and concealed owners of Blue Oak Medical Group had full access to the Blue Oak bank account.  Further research since has revealed this not to be true.  That information now has to be corrected on the December 31st... Read More
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