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    Fraud from inside and outside the courtroom - at adjustercom.net

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  • The Sim Hoffman Claims Fraud Trial -- Frank Lincoln from Travelers takes the stand.

    The next witness was the custodian of records, Frank Lincoln, from Travelers Insurance Company. 

    He was a well-groomed, mature man, with a grey beard and mustache, and short grey and brown hair.

    Prosecutor Vincent Marinaccio:  The People call Frank Lincoln to the stand.

    Thus, the witness was let in to the court room and was sworn in by the clerk, Brenda Raab, on this day, Thursday, December 2nd 2021. 

    Witness Frank Lincoln:  My full name is Francis Church Lincoln. 

    Judge Richard King:  I can tell you right now you’re too far from the microphone.

    The prosecutor, Mr. Marinaccio, stated the counts that included Travelers as a victim were counts 1, 3 with over act 24, 14, 15, 16, 17, 99, 104.

    Vincent Marinaccio:  Are you currently employed?

    Frank Lincoln: Yes.

    Vincent Marinaccio:  By whom?... Read More

    Sim Hoffman, M.D. Claims Fraud Trial -- Witness Jeff Altman testifies he never did 80 or 110 minute consultations.  

    The next witness was physician Jeff Altman.  He testified he’s been a physician for approximately 20 years; and he started working for Advanced Professional Imaging in the year 2005. 

    He... Read More

    Sim Hoffman, M.D. Claims Fraud Trial – Witness Javier Torres never spent 80 minutes with a patient. 

    Dr. Javier Torres was the next witness called to the stand. He was a nerve testing doctor.  He came dressed in all blues; blue jacket, tie, shirt, pants. He pointed out Dr. Hoffman in the courtroom.  The prosecutor, Vincent Marinaccio, used the red tie identification once again.  It seems Dr. Hoffman wears a red tie... Read More

    Sim Hoffman, M.D. Claims Fraud Trial — Sleep Center technician Sergio Molina testifies he never used an interpreter, never spoke of ‘application kits’ or mentioned doing ‘education and training’.

    The next witness was named Sergio Molina.  He appeared to be of the laboring class and not the professional class, and wore a blue shirt and a dark patterned tie. He answered the prosecutor Vincent Marinaccio by stating he worked for Better Sleeping Medical Center from the year 2007 to April of 2008.  Vincent Marinaccio: ... Read More

    Sim Hoffman, M.D. Claims Fraud Trial: The Biller of the Single Fiber EMGs Comes to the Stand.

    Judge Richard King went into talking about the Singh case, which he said he’d brought up at least 10 times and of which he’s at least read several times.  In context, he said it’s under the umbrella of intent to defraud. The chiropractor was convicted of insurance fraud and grand theft.  He was in the... Read More

    Sim Hoffman, M.D. Claims Fraud Trial — Judge asked, ‘Are we creating a crime that the legislature did not prescribe?’

    Beverly Mitchell continued to testify, cross-examined by defense counsel Bill Fleming. It was the afternoon of November 30th 2021.  She replied she was responsible for managing the billers, but as for the payroll Tanya Soto took care of that. But when Fleming pressed as to whether the payroll department was under her supervision, she got... Read More

    Sim Hoffman, M.D. Claims Fraud Trial — The office manager gets a one million dollar severance package.

    Judge King:  There is another thing I’m confident about…  The parties are not going to agree.  Prosecutor Vincent Marinaccio believes that by signing the back of the claim form used in workers’ compensation, the CMS 1500, the provider and signer in observing the language which states the services being charged are “medically necessary” is committing... Read More
    Dr. Hoffman leaves court on November 17th 2021

    Dr. Hoffman Claims Fraud Trial:  A sleep center patient came in drunk.  The witness called 911.

    She was not aware of how referrals came in. Witness Beverly Mitchell had come back to the stand.  When prosecutor Vincent Marinaccio asked if she was aware of how referrals came in to Dr. Hoffman’s medical practice, she replied no.  She didn’t know. Beverly was still testifying on this day November 29th 2021, Monday.  She... Read More
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