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  • Work Comp Adjuster And Chiropractor Co-Conspirator Arrested By Los Angeles Authorities In $1.6 Million Operation Nicknamed Lien On Me

    A workers’ compensation claims adjuster, Agop Sarafian, 65, of La Crescenta, and a chiropractor, Shahe Topjian, D.C. 65, of Granada Hills, were arrested on felony insurance fraud charges after allegedly conspiring to defraud State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF), by setting up fake workers’ compensation lien payments and receiving over $1.6 million.

    In November 2019, another State Fund employee noted a suspicious lien payment issued by Sarafian and advised a Special Investigator for SCIF regarding his-her concerns. SCIF initiated an investigation and discovered that Sarafian had processed 459 lien payments to Topjian over a period of twelve years.

    The case was referred to the Department of Insurance for further investigation.

    The Department’s investigation, dubbed Operation Lien on Me, revealed Sarafian created and approved 459 lien payments for Topjian between 2007 and 2019.

    Unfortunately, the name Operation “Lien On Me” is disadvantageous to the successful business called Lien On Me which was founded by Beverly Hartin in the 1980s and is today led by co-CEO Goldie Galstjan. Lien On Me negotiates and resolves liens for workers’ compensation claims payers. They are today located in Glendale.

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    April Rose Ambrosio, San Diego dentist, is sentenced in nearly $900,000 fraudulent billings scheme.  She falsely claimed she performed 800 root canals on 100 patients over four years.

    April Rose Ambrosio, 59, of Mira Mesa, was sentenced today to six years in prison after pleading guilty to three counts of insurance fraud for falsely claiming she performed 800 root canals on 100 patients in four years though she lacks the specialized training... Read More

    Claimant Triple Dips As Injured Electrician

    Michael Ray Williams, electrician, of Daly City, California, sentenced for workers’ compensation insurance fraud

    Michael Ray Williams, 37, of Daly City, was sentenced to 60 days in county jail and three years formal probation after pleading no contest to two felony counts of insurance fraud after illegally working for multiple employers while simultaneously collecting over $85,000 in workers’ compensation benefits from two different insurers.  Williams repaid the State Compensation... Read More

    Judge Dismisses $18 Million in Liens Claimed by Michael Barri, Chiropractor Convicted of Fraud and Suspended by California’s Division of Workers’ Compensation

    An administrative law judge has dismissed liens valued at $18 million filed by convicted medical provider Michael E. Barri, bringing to a close one of the earliest cases aimed at combatting fraud in California’s workers’ compensation system. “The anti-fraud statutes that took effect in January 2017 were designed to prevent convicted medical providers from continuing... Read More

    Dr. Uwaydah Case In L.A. Still Waiting To Hear From The Court Of Appeal. Judge Muses On How To Proceed With Intertwined Motions; But Is Adamant Witness Marisa Schermbeck Nelson Will Testify.

    Judge Larry Fidler mused early on in the proceedings of September 15th on how he’s going to have to figure out when and how to proceed.  There are multiple motions going on all at the same time.  And with these motions, there’s a lot of competition.  Judge Larry Fidler:  The problem is where we’re at... Read More

    Defense Moves To Dissolve 186.11 Injunction As Prosecution Files Writ to Court of Appeal in Criminal Organization Munir Uwaydah Case in Downtown L.A.

    Mark Kassabian, defense lawyer for defendant Kelly Soo Park in the Criminal Organization Munir Uwaydah case in downtown LA, filed a motion to dissolve the 186.11 injunction on the complaint after the entire case was dismissed against his client and two other defendants in May of this present year.  He pleaded his argument before Judge... Read More

    Bakersfield Driver, David Lee Williams, Charged For Alleged Insurance Fraud After An Auto Collision

    David Lee Williams Jr., 27, self-surrendered yesterday at the Kern County Superior Court after being charged with two counts of felony insurance fraud and one misdemeanor count of filing a false police report for allegedly falsifying an insurance claim in order to receive an undeserved payout from Farmers Insurance. An investigation by the Department of... Read More

    Atwater Construction Worker Arraigned For Workers’ Comp Insurance Fraud.  Meliton Hernandez Martinez Allegedly Attacked A Former Marine Who Reacted In Self-Defense. 

    Meliton Hernandez Martinez Jr., 23, was arraigned on Tuesday, August 11th 2020, at the Merced County Superior Court on multiple felony counts of insurance fraud and a misdemeanor count of filing a false police report.  After allegedly instigating a physical altercation, the result was stab wounds to his abdomen and arm. An investigation by the... Read More
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