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  • 3D MRIs.  Were they really not done?  Dr. Hoffman said he’d bring in the software.

    From the very beginning of the Sim Hoffman, M.D. workers’ compensation claims fraud case in Orange County, one of the district attorney’s theories and claims was that Dr. Hoffman charged large fees to the claims payers for 3-D MRIs (Magnetic Resonance Images) that were never done. 

    There was testimony from Beverly Mitchell, Dr. Hoffman’s office manager, through the prosecutor stating she asked Dr. Hoffman about the software for the 3D MRIs and Hoffman replied, “I have it at home.  I’ll bring it in.”  This information came up multiple times as the case progressed.  It was told by the DA that Louis Santillan, the collector and hearing rep, asked about the 3D MRI software, as well.  According to the DA, Hoffman replied the same as he had to Beverly Mitchell, that he would bring it in.

    So, it was believed by the prosecution that Dr. Hoffman couldn’t have produced 3D MRIs because he didn’t even have the software, or else, if he had it, he didn’t have it installed.

    It was explicitly implied that if Hoffman didn’t have the software installed he definitely wasn’t making the MRIs 3-D.  Beverly Mitchell asking about the software implied she couldn’t read any 3D MRIs.  It seemed no one could, and that Hoffman couldn’t either, and he was a... Read More

    Did He Know?  The 2022 trials of Jon Woods and Sim Hoffman; two workers’ compensation claims fraud cases with different endings.

    It was a significant shock when all 884 counts were dismissed against Sim Hoffman, M.D. on a successful 995 motion by the defense in December of 2013.

    The Indictment came down in May of 2011... Read More

    Sim Hoffman, M.D. and Jon Woods, Esq.  Workers’ compensation claims fraud cases as studies in contrasts. (2)

    In 2018, I received a letter through the U.S. Postal Mail system from what seemed like a small group of persons associated with Dr. Sim Hoffman.  It was in a usual size 10 business envelope.  It had a return address of a commercial building in Orange, California, but with no suite number.  The letter read... Read More

    Sim Hoffman, M.D. and Jon Woods, Esq.  A study in contrast in workers’ compensation claims fraud

    It was in the year 2011 that Sim Hoffman, M.D. was indicted by the Orange County District attorney’s office.  The charges were for alleged, massive, workers’ compensation claims fraud, and the number of counts charged was 884. Yes, you read that right.  Dr. Hoffman was charged with 884 counts of workers’ compensation claims related fraud in... Read More

    Matthew Rifat’s trial continued from February 6th to August 1st 2023 in Riverside

    Indicted defendant Matthew Rifat of Blue Oak Medical Group in Southern California just had his trial continued. It was re-calendared from last Monday, February 6th 2023 to August 1st 2023 in Riverside, California. There has been no drama, no catastrophic event that has caused this continuance, according to the lead prosecutor, deputy district attorney Matthew... Read More

    Defendant Matthew Rifat files Motion in Limine number 3 in Riverside County.  Tries to keep Shannon Moore Devane from testifying in this workers’ compensation pharmaceutical fraud Blue Oak Medical trial. 

    Matthew Rifat, the defendant in this case of The People vs. Rifat in Riverside, California, filed Motion In Limine Number 3, designed and written to exclude the testimony of Shannon Moore Devane.  It was filed on March 16th 2022.    That was less than a year ago.  This is about Blue Oak Medical, all about... Read More

    Motion in Limine number 7 by the defense was denied by Judge Perantoni in the People v. Matthew Rifat in Riverside, California.  Second trial coming up for Rifat after hung jury in first trial. 

    In March/April 2022, the defense in the case of the People vs. Matthew Rifat in Riverside, California, filed seven separate Motions in Limine.  Rifat’s defense counsel on all of the seven In Limine Motions was Paul J. Pfingst of Higgs Fletcher & Mack LLP of San Diego. Matthew Rifat, who was one of the professionals... Read More

    The Matthew Rifat case of Dr. Uwaydah’s Blue Oak Medical began with an Indictment in January 2019 followed by a defense 995 motion and demurrer. 

    This Matthew Rifat case in Riverside with its soon to come February 6th second trial, began in a familiar way with the defendants, led by Janek Hunt, who has since pled out, filing demurrers and 995 motions attacking the January 2019 Indictment.   This was in April of 2019.  The four original defendants were Munir Uwaydah,... Read More
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