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  • Leticia Lemus Prelim Went On In Dr. Uwaydah Case In Downtown L.A.  Many insurance company investigators assisted DA investigator McCrillis in investigation of Dr. Uwaydah and Frontline Medical.

    The preliminary hearing for Dr. Uwaydah manager Leticia Lemus went forward once again on January 27th 2021.  Her defense attorney, George Shohet, who just began representing her at the beginning of January, continued to bumble around in not knowing most of the discovery.

    Shohet asked the witness, Sergeant Tim McCrillis, if his interviewee, Dr. Uwaydah clerk and front desk receptionist Delmy Martinez, was heard by him directly when she testified at her first session of the grand jury proceedings.  McCrillis had to remind Shohet that at the grand jury proceedings it’s not allowed for another witness to be in the room.  This is something Shohet should have known as an attorney of his experience and in his capacity in this proceeding—the preliminary hearing of his client, Leticia Lemus.  Or perhaps we should say that Dr. Uwaydah is the client, for he is clearly the one paying the tab, and Leticia is at his mercy.

    Ms. Lemus had been a manager for Dr. Uwaydah who grew into a trusted person of his inner circle.  Previously, she had been a capping coordinator.

    Shohet asked if he’d ever read Delmy Martinez’s testimony from the grand jury proceedings.  McCrillis said he may have; he wasn’t certain.  He remembered he’d had a copy of that given to him.  But it had... Read More

    Shohet's Questions Continue To Bounce Around Off All The Walls In Criminal Organization Munir Uwaydah Case In Downtown L.A. The Event Is Leticia Lemus's Preliminary Hearing.

    It's the late morning, January 27th 2021, Wednesday

    Leticia Lemus's defense attorney, George Shohet, then wanted to know from witness Sergeant McCrillis if a staff person checked a... Read More

    Uwaydah Manager Leticia Lemus’s Prelim Goes On With Her Lawyer Erratic In His Questioning Of The Witness In Downtown LA

    Proceedings on January 27th, Wednesday, continued in the late morning. It is the Preliminary Hearing for Dr. Munir Uwaydah manager Leticia Lemus.  Sergeant Tim McCrillis is still on the witness stand.  Leticia Lemus’s attorney, George Shohet, is cross examining McCrillis.  The court room is department 106 of the honorable Larry Paul Fidler in downtown Los... Read More
    Dr. Munir Uwaydah, circa 2008. Photo copyright Lonce Lamonte, all rights reserved

    Leticia Lemus’s Attorney George Shohet Flounders In Questioning Witness Sergeant McCrillis. Shohet Keeps Trying To Use The Prelim As A Pond To Fish For Discovery.

    Sergeant Tim McCrillis is back on the witness stand.  Leticia Lemus’s defense attorney, George Shohet, is questioning him. It’s January 27th 2021 in downtown L.A. on the ninth floor of Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center.  It’s Leticia Lemus’s preliminary hearing in the Criminal Organization Munir Uwaydah case.  The court room is Department 106 of... Read More
    Munir Uwaydah, June 2010, copyright Lonce Lamonte

    Preliminary Hearing For Defendant Leticia Lemus Continues in Uwaydah Case in DTLA on Afternoon of January 26th 2021. Her Lawyer Made It Obvious He Hadn’t Read The Discovery.

    Dayan Mathai, the lead prosecutor, asked the witness, Sergeant McCrillis, more about the prescription formularies and if Marisa Schermbeck said the doctors’ signatures were signed to those formularies.  She told him yes, the doctors’ signatures were signed or forged on the formularies.   Most often, Dr. Johnson’s signature was forged.  And Marisa said she witnessed the... Read More
    Dr. Munir Uwaydah, circa 2008. All rights reserved, copyrighted.

    Marisa Tells Witness Sergeant McCrillis How Every Box In The Formulary Was To Be Checked In Downtown L.A. Dr. Uwaydah Case

    In downtown Los Angeles, the Preliminary Hearing for Dr. Uwaydah manager, Leticia Lemus, continued in the afternoon of January 26th 2021. Witness Sergeant McCrillis testified further that Marisa Schermbeck, who proffered to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office in 2017 when she was granted immunity for her testimony, told him Dr. Uwaydah’s entire objective was... Read More
    Dr. Munir Uwaydah at year’s end 2008. Copyright Lonce Lamonte, all rights reserved

    Sergeant Tim McCrillis Further Testifies In L.A. Preliminary Hearing For Uwaydah Manager Leticia Lemus.  Tells How Marisa Schermbeck Said Dr. Uwaydah Had Sexual Relations With Women In His Organization To Control Them. 

    Sergeant Tim McCrillis, lead investigator for the Criminal Organization Munir Uwaydah case in downtown Los Angeles, took to the witness stand once again after the recall of witness Jane Ngo in the preliminary hearing for Dr. Uwaydah manager, Leticia Lemus.  The date was January 26th 2021. Clean cut Tim McCrillis, who has been lead investigator... Read More

    Farm Worker’s Medical Mistreatment Reveals Alleged $1.4 Million Workers’ Compensation Fraud Scheme of Siblings Elias and Alejandra Perez

    Farm labor company owners and siblings Elias Perez, 40, of Greenfield, and Alejandra Perez, 37, of Soledad, were arraigned on over 20 felony counts of insurance and tax fraud after allegedly underreporting payroll by over $17 million resulting in a loss of over $1.42 million to their insurance companies. The California Department of Insurance discovered... Read More
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