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  • How It All Came About -- Peyman Heidary Case Had a Sizeable Growth Spurt from the Complaint of 2014 to the First Amended Complaint of 2015.

    Peyman Heidary got an enormous sentence in Riverside County Superior Court on April 12th 2024.  That sentence presents itself as likely the largest of its kind. 

    For workers’ compensation  claims fraud involving mostly Penal Code § 550 (a) (6), conspiracy, and money laundering, Peyman Heidary was handed 54 years and eight months in prison along with 23 million dollars in fines. 

    For a man of his age, fifty something years, that’s a life sentence. 

    In the First Amended Complaint filed on June 26th 2015, Erica Torres, who was a named defendant in the original Complaint filed on July 25th 2014, was not charged in the First Amended Complaint.  She pled guilty early on after being charged in the Complaint and became a cooperating witness.  She testified for the prosecution before the grand jury (which came after the drafting of the First Amended Complaint) and at trial. 

    The remaining defendants were then Peyman Heidary, Cary David Abramowitz, and Michael Angel Tuosto, Jr.  

    The First Amended Felony Complaint grew substantially from the initial Complaint.  11 workers’ compensation insurance claims payer-victims were added.   They were... Read More

    How It All Came About -- Peyman Heidary Getting Sentenced to Over 54 Years in Prison. Part Two.

    Peyman Heidary’s criminal case started as a complaint filed by the Riverside County District Attorney on July 25th 2014.

    This was the first pleading document filed on Heidary what... Read More

    How It All Came About – Peyman Heidary getting sentenced to Over 54 Years in Prison.

    On April 12th 2024, a sentence of 54 years and eight months in state prison with 23 million dollars in fines was bestowed upon Peyman Heidary.  That’s truly astonishing.  It is the most massive, the largest in most people’s memories that has ever been handed out for an insurance claims fraud conviction. So, how did... Read More

    The notorious Joey Buttafuoco, guilty of insurance claims fraud, statutory rape, and illegal possession of ammunition, now flaunts himself in a video on TikTok. 

    Joey Buttafuoco, the infamous, notorious adulterer who was charged with statutory rape in the early 1990s, and then thereafter in March of 2004 pleaded guilty to auto insurance fraud, has resurfaced with a girlfriend on TikTok decades after his teen lover, Amy Fisher, shot his wife in the face. Amy Fisher was dubbed the “Long... Read More
    Barry Zalma, Esq., CFE

    Settlement Unenforceable Because Insurer Lied to Plaintiff. Plaintiff entited to know all insurance available to Defendants.

    Pedro Fundora filed suit against Robert Dangond and Maria Guevara after sustaining injuries when Dangond struck Fundora with a vehicle owned by Guevara.  On appeal, Fundora argued that the trial court erred by granting Robert Dangond and Maria Guevara’s Motion to Enforce a Settlement Agreement. In Pedro Fundora , etc. v. Roberto Dangond, No. 3D22-1749,... Read More
    Dr. Munir Uwaydah at year’s end 2008. Copyright Lonce Lamonte, all rights reserved

    Adel Yamout is a Munir Uwaydah lackey who is the straw owner of Uwaydah’s house in Beverly Hills.  Now Adel Yamout is suing the hard money lender.

    Adel Yamout is a coach with a swim club in Lebanon.  Munir Uwaydah is the president of the swim club, thus, Uwaydah is pretty-much Yamout’s boss. Thus, when Yamout acted like he didn’t know Munir Uwaydah, that was an act. Later on when he said he knew Munir very slightly, that was still an act.  He’s... Read More

    Gregory Fred Kargula charged in fraudulent worker’s comp claim against employer

    There’s a village called Chitty Chatty in an area of Florida called The Villages.  It’s only about a year old; perhaps a little more.  And it is south of route 44.   At first this writer thought it was a bad read or just a mistake in writing.  But it isn’t.  Chitty Chatty was the... Read More

    Defendant Peyman Heidary sentenced to 54 years and 8 months in state prison.  Case more than nine years in the making for workers’ compensation claims fraud prosecuted in Riverside County.   

    Yesterday, Friday, April 12th 2024, Judge Charles Koosed in Department 54 in Riverside County Superior Court sentenced defendant Peyman Heidary to 54 years and 8 months in state prison and imposed a fine of more than 23 million dollars.  Restitution for the victims will be finalized on August 23rd 2024. This sentencing had been continued... Read More
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