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    Justicia Legal or USA Photocopy and Providence Scheduling.  It’s the same group with two different names.

    Orange County deputy district attorney, Noorul Hasan, called the cases that were dubbed Justicia Legal by ICW Group investigator Teena Barton, the “USA Photocopy and Providence Scheduling” cases. Both are good names for the group of defendants.  The group was eventually comprised of more than a dozen defendants, the first group being charged on June... Read More

    How applicants’ attorney Dennis Fusi and six others walked out of Orange County criminal court dismissed and without punishment.  It was six pleading documents and five demurrers later. 

    Dennis Fusi will be used here as the example defendant whose case ran in parallel with a number of others.  His legal course of action was quite similar to all who followed this same pattern of demurrers chasing after the prosecution’s refilings. Dennis Fusi is an applicants’ attorney for workers’ compensation claims. The defense demurrer... Read More

    The Justicia Legal crowd.  Seven dismissals. Jon Woods, Robert Slater, and Mark Ridley-Thomas.  Then Dennis Fusi.

    The first complaint filings were on June 5th 2017.  The defendants seemed like a clan.  They evoked the feeling of a cult.   It was Orange County.  The court house was the one on Civic Center Drive in Santa Ana.  The defendants were mostly workers’ compensation applicants’ attorneys who were perceived by insurance payers and... Read More

    Seven cases from “Justicia Legal” in Orange County dismissed

    In the afternoon Thursday, August 31st 2023, in the Orange County Superior Court in Santa Ana, the honorable Judge Colover from court room C-53 sustained demurrers filed by seven defendants.  The round-up known for its nickname “Justicia Legal” charged about a dozen applicants’ attorneys and marketing cappers starting on June 5th 2017 with workers’ compensation... Read More

    $50.5 million in grants awarded from the California Department of Insurance to 34 District Attorneys’ Offices to fight workers’ comp fraud for fiscal year 2023-2024

    $50.5 million in grants has been awarded from the California Department of Insurance to 34 district attorneys’ offices to fight workers’ compensation fraud across the state for this fiscal year 2023 to 2024.  As most know well, these funds come from the assessment charges on employers’ workers’ compensation policies, or else their self-insured plans.  The... Read More

    Hector Porrata dies.  Pleaded guilty to workers’ compensation claims insurance fraud in 2008. Charged by the Orange County District Attorney.

    Hector Porrata died on July 22, 2023.  It was a Wednesday. He was 59 years old.  He was born on April 27th 1964.  He had been in the Marines during his early career.  Then, he got into claims adjusting.  He started most likely as a workers’ compensation claims adjuster in 1986 at CDS of California... Read More

    Where’s the money from Dr. Munir Uwaydah for Matthew Rifat’s defense in Riverside? Show me the money… 

    On June 28th 2019, the straw man for Dr. Munir Uwaydah, Paul Turley, D.C., testified in Los Angeles Superior Court, in court room 106, the court of the honorable Larry Fidler. *  Turley testified that Dr. Uwaydah told him that he’d spent 4.5 million dollars on defense attorneys for the members of his clan in... Read More

    Matthew Rifat, less than a year ago, declared himself insolvent.  His first trial in Riverside, just over a year ago, ended in a hung jury.

    Matthew Rifat, who is a lawyer, worked for Dr. Munir Uwaydah.  I think it’s safe to say that. Rifat was indicted in January of 2019 by the Riverside County District Attorney for workers’ compensation billing fraud, conspiracy, and money laundering.   The other three defendants were Dr. Uwaydah, who is still presently on the lam in... Read More
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