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    The Sim Hoffman, M.D. four-month trial cascaded counts down the abyss to the bitter end

    The indictment against Sim Hoffman, M.D. by the Orange County District Attorney came down on May 11, 2011.  It was for 884 counts of workers’ compensation insurance billing fraud, a massive quantity.  This many counts are pretty much unheard of in a criminal charging document.  It all came to an end on March 2nd 2022... Read More
    Jon Woods, applicants' attorney

    Applicants’ attorney Jon Woods’ trial put on hold until next Monday, July 11th, in Orange County Superior Court. 

    Jon Woods’ current trial was put on hold last Thursday when a juror came down with COVID.  It is expected to resume on July 11th, Monday.  This is his second trial.  His first one ended on April 17th 2019 in a hung jury.  Then, his second trial was supposed to start in a maximum of... Read More
    Dr. Munir Uwaydah in 2010

    Last Friday brought a hung jury in Riverside County Superior Court in Matthew Rifat-Blue Oak Medical trial. 

    On Friday, in Riverside County Superior Court, in Department 43, in the People vs. Matthew Rifat, the trial ended in a mistrial.  Rifat is an attorney who is one of the principals who ran Dr. Munir Uwaydah’s Blue Oak Medical Group in Southern California.  So, the result was a hung jury. The jury deadlocked 11... Read More

    Prosecutor Vince Marinaccio gives his final rebuttal argument in Sim Hoffman, M.D. trial. Tells the jury that well after Louis Santillan left, Dr. Hoffman had a new prescription that contained single fiber EMGs.

    Vincent Marinaccio, the prosecutor, is wearing a yellow tie.   This is his rebuttal closing argument.  The day is the afternoon of March 1st 2022. The prosecution gets to make a rebuttal argument because they have the burden of proof. Vincent Marinaccio:  I agree that he’s (Louis is) a thief and a total crook, and a... Read More
    Bill Fleming, left, with his client, Sim Hoffman, leave the preliminary hearing on September 2, 2015.

    Sim Hoffman defense counsel, Bill Fleming, finishes closing argument.  Finally.  He never lets up on Louis Santillan being a pathological liar.

    Defense counsel Bill Fleming just kept on going.  When he said he was long winded, he wasn’t kidding.  He went on and on.  He knew the intimate details of every lie told by Hoffman’s former collector Louis Santillan.  It was still the late morning of March 1, 2022.  Bill Fleming:  Now, it’s clear that the... Read More
    Bill Fleming, left, with his client, Sim Hoffman, leave the preliminary hearing on September 2, 2015.

    Dr. Sim Hoffman’s defense counsel continues to go on about Louis Santillan’s lies. Says Santillan is responsible for all the fraud. 

    Bill Fleming in his closing argument went on with his soliloquy about lying and truth.  One who tells the truth, he explained, always tells the same story because that person knows what happened.  But liars, when they’re making it up, can’t keep track of their story. Louis Santillan, Bill said, testified on the stand that... Read More
    Bill Fleming, left, with his client, Sim Hoffman, leave the preliminary hearing on September 2, 2015.

    Defense lawyer Bill Fleming in Sim Hoffman, M.D. trial delivers closing argument.  His pounds his point that Louis Santillan is a liar. 

    Defense attorney Bill Fleming stood at the podium before the jury in his charcoal grey suit.  He is slender and tall.  He looked relaxed, handsome, and with his hair torked up on the sides at the crown of his head as he always has it combed.  It is March 1, 2022.  He began by thanking... Read More

    Closing arguments take place in the Sim Hoffman, M.D. fraud trial in Orange County.  The prosecution goes first. 

    It was time for the prosecution to give closing arguments.  So, Vincent Marinaccio stepped up behind the podium facing the jury.  He wore a yellow tie. It was the morning of February 28, Monday, 2022.  Vince Marinaccio:  You’ve sat here and you’ve heard the evidence.  We’re going to hear a lot about Louis Santillan and... Read More
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