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    CEO Kareem Ahmed in the court room in 2014

    Landmark case proceedings for ruling on Kastigar motion continued for the eighth time in Orange County.  Prosecution could lose entire case over egregious attorney-client privilege violations. 

    The Landmark Medical Management case ruling that was on calendar to take place in Orange County Superior Court at 10 am last Friday, August 27th 2021, in the court room of the honorable Sheila Hanson, C-35, once more did not happen. It was continued again… as it has been continued again and again and again.... Read More
    CEO Kareem Ahmed in the court room in 2014

    Landmark Medical Management Attorney, Dan Shallman, Continues To Testify In 2018 Evidentiary Hearing Over Privilege Issue In Orange County

    Search warrants were served on the Landmark Medical Management offices and CEO Kareem Ahmed’s home on October 8, 2013. Now fast forward to February 27th 2018 during proceedings in open court in Orange County Superior Court.  An evidentiary hearing is going on in the court room of the Honorable Sheila Hanson on a motion by... Read More

    Defense In Landmark Medical Workers’ Compensation Fraud Case Still Hoping To Get Case Dismissed. Part II

    The beginning of the evidentiary hearing for the defense’s alleged attorney-client privilege violations in the Landmark case continues here from February 26th 2018.  Read the Part 1 article here if you missed it. Nicole Van Dyk: …  investigator Nichols, for example, did not merely conduct a search for Benjamin Gluck or Bird Marella and tag all... Read More

    Defense In Landmark Medical Workers’ Compensation Fraud Case Still Hoping To Get Case Dismissed For Attorney-Client Privilege Violations.

    The criminal case for workers’ compensation fraud against Landmark Medical Management, known in Orange County Superior Court as “The Landmark Case”, was continued from this past April 17th 2020 to Friday, June 26th 2020 due to the problem of the coronavirus pandemic.  All of California is still on lock-down and under stay-at-home orders from Governor... Read More
    Kareem Ahmed, the CEO of Landmark, moves in high gear from the Orange County court house on February 28th 2018. photo copyright Lonce Lamonte

    Prosecution Under Peril From A Formidable Defense In Landmark Medical Fraud Case In Orange County

    The Landmark case, which is a criminal workers’ compensation fraud case, is in the Orange County Superior Court in Santa Ana still hanging in the balance on the verge of a preliminary hearing for three of the defendants connected with Landmark Medical Management. On Friday morning, March 13th 2020, the hearing for the Landmark defendants... Read More
    Kareem Ahmed, left background, and Yvette Charbonnay, right foreground, both Landmark defendants, appear in court shortly after the indictment in 2014. Photo copyright Lonce Lamonte, all rights reserved.

    Defense Grills Investigator Robbins Over Contradictions In Testimony In Landmark Medical Case In Orange County.

    By the afternoon of Monday, September 23rd 2019, DA Investigator Christopher Robbins was back on the witness stand.   He had been on the stand the week prior, but stepped off to allow Detective Eddie Ascencio of the California Department of Insurance to testify.  Now he was back with his short brown and grey hair. Attorney... Read More

    Detective Eddie Ascencio of California DOI Takes The Stand In Landmark Medical Case in Orange County.  He Investigated Landmark for Upcoding, Double Billing, and Kickbacks to Doctors.

    Shaddi Kamiabipour, the Orange County prosecutor in this Landmark Medical Management workers’ compensation fraud case, is wearing a light green and white print top with bell sleeves.  She’s been wearing bell sleeves lately even with her jackets.  It’s becoming her signature style. She stands at the far left end of the attorneys’ table on Monday,... Read More

    Former Vice-President Of Landmark, Bruce Curnick, Testifies To His Concern Over 72-Hour Dispensing Looking Like A Kickback. Tells How He Filed A Report Of Fraud Against Landmark Medical Management.

    Bruce Curnick, former vice-president of Landmark Medical Management, and now a defendant in the Orange County case who has taken a plea bargain, spoke about kickbacks towards the end of his testimony on July 25th 2019 in Orange County Superior Court. Bruce resigned from Landmark in July of 2012.  He asserted that he came up... Read More
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