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    Jon Woods, applicants' attorney

    Jon Woods’ lawyer files motions to compel documents to prove Carlos Arguello is still practicing his same legal-marketing scheme from prison.  His goal is to prove Woods was not part of the conspiracy. 

    It’s a strange experience to walk into a court room and see everyone wearing a face mask.  But that was the surreal vision that was inside court room C-40 of the honorable Patrick Donahue in Orange County Superior Court for the proceedings of defendant Jon Woods on Friday, August 20th 2021.  Jon Woods is a... Read More
    Jon Woods, applicants' attorney

    Jon Woods’ Trial Date Reset For April 9th 2020.  New Witness Brought Forth By The Prosecution In December 2019 Prompted The Defense To Ask For More Time. 

    The trial date for workers’ compensation applicants’ attorney Jon Woods has now been reset for Thursday, April 9th 2020.  Woods’ trial was supposed to start today, January 6, 2020, in Orange County Superior Court; however, it didn’t start because of a new witness situation.  Court room C-40 on the 10th floor was empty at 9... Read More
    Jon Woods, applicants' attorney

    Jon Woods’ Trial Still Firm For January 6, 2020. Judge Donahue In Orange County Superior Court Wants To Get The Motions Out Of The Way on December 10th 2019.

    This morning in Orange County Superior Court, in courtroom C-40 of the Honorable Patrick Donahue on the 10th floor, applicants’ attorney Jon Woods appeared in a fine black suit with his attorney, Richard Wynn, who sported a tie of tiny checks of vibrant colors.  They both looked good, handsome and well dressed, like their usual... Read More
    Jon Woods, applicants' attorney

    Jon Woods, Applicants’ Attorney, Now Faces Charges From California State Bar Court

    Workers’ compensation applicants’ attorney, Jon Woods, after escaping a conviction for criminal misconduct in Orange County Superior Court on 37 felony counts that ended in a hung jury on April 17th 2019, now has a further complaint filed against him by the California Bar Association dated May 22nd 2019.  His retrial in Orange County Superior... Read More

    Jon Woods’ New Trial Set For January 6, 2020. Pretrial for new trial will see him in September 2019.

    Jon Woods, a workers’ compensation applicants’ attorney, whose law practice is centered in Orange County in Cypress, California, now has his next trial scheduled for January 6th 2020. His previous trial ended in a hung jury on April 17th 2019. On Friday, May 24th 2019, Woods appeared in Orange County Superior Court in court room... Read More

    Carlos Arguello Sentenced To Four Years In California State Prison. Jon Woods To Face New Trial In Orange County.

    Carlos Arguello, owner of Centro Legal and Justicia Legal, and other named entities he did business as, was sentenced on Tuesday, April 30th 2019, to four years in Federal Prison. Arguello’s sentencing hearing took place at the U.S. District Court of the Southern District of California, at 221 West Broadway in San Diego. According to... Read More

    Jon Woods’ Trial In Orange County Ends In Mistrial

    By 3:30 pm yesterday afternoon, April 17th 2019, the jury for the trial of Jon Woods, workers’ compensation applicants’ attorney, announced they were hung and could not come to a unanimous verdict. Jon Woods sat at the defendants’ table at this moment in time wearing a black suit, in contrast to his usual and customary... Read More

    Prosecution Got Last Word In Jon Woods’ Trial In Orange County. Jury Was Still Deliberating On Wednesday, April 17th, At 2 PM.

    By two o’clock this afternoon, there was still no peep out of the jury in the trial of Jon Woods. The trial of the applicants’ attorney had wound up with closing arguments on April 8th, and the jury sequestered that day by mid-afternoon. Thus, ever since, the jury has been in deliberations. In court room... Read More
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