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    Orange County Superior Court, Santa Ana, California; copyright Lonce Lamonte, all rights reserved

    Bradley Dean Groscost and Felix Koltsov arrested in $20 million workers’ compensation insurance fraud and kickback scheme

    Bradley Dean Groscost of Westminster and Felix Koltsov of Beverly Hills self-surrendered last week to the Orange County Central Justice Center after being charged with multiple felony counts of insurance fraud, money laundering, and unlawful referrals for allegedly conspiring to bill insurers in excess of $20 million as part of a kickback referral scheme. From... Read More

    During International Fraud Awareness Week, The San Diego District Attorney Puts Out Reminder.  Public Encouraged to Report Suspected Fraud.

    DA Charged More Than 800 Defendants in Fraud-Related Cases Last Year For several years, the owners of a local San Diego hotel cleaning janitorial service company called Good Neighbor Services, with nearly 800 employees, lied to tax authorities and their insurance provider by claiming to have almost no employees. This resulted in $6.8 million in... Read More

    Two Defendants Enter No Contest Pleas to Orange County District Attorney For Participating in an Alleged Supplemental Job Displacement Voucher Fraud Scheme

    Salvador Franco, Jr., age 42, and Mirella Flores, age 45, of Downey and Paramount, California, respectively, entered no contest pleas to attempting to defraud multiple insurers of approximately $120,000 by having students sign over their Supplement Job Displacement vouchers and collecting the money without providing required vocational training. Both defendants were each charged with one... Read More

    LA Insurance Agent Allegedly Steals Over $65,000 From Small Business Owners

    Insurance agent Francis Okyere, 67, self-surrendered May 15th at the Los Angeles County Superior Court after being charged with four felony counts of grand theft. The charges arose from an investigation by the Department of Insurance’s Investigation Division, Valencia Regional Office, into multiple complaints filed by clients of Okyere alleging that their insurance policies were... Read More

    Doctor, Psychologist Charged With Fraudulent Workers’ Compensation Evaluations In Central Valley. Task Force Uncovers Attempted Theft Of Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars Of Fraudulent Bills To Insurance Companies.

    In the California central valley, Psychologist Danita Stewart, 51, of Chatsworth, and Dr. Catalino Dureza, 54, of La Quinta, have been charged for allegedly submitting fraudulent insurance claims for Medical Legal Evaluations in an effort to obtain tens of thousands of dollars from multiple insurers. Danita Stewart was charged with 36 felony counts of PC550(a)(1),... Read More

    15 Chiropractors Are Charged in a Six Million Dollar Auto Insurance Fraud and Kickback Scheme

    Fifteen chiropractors have been charged in a $6 million insurance fraud and illegal kickback scheme involving automobile collision medical claims, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced on Friday. The felony complaint in case BA477147 lists a total of 18 felony counts, including charges against all of the defendants of insurance fraud and participating... Read More

    Fitness Freak’s Fraudulent Claim Just Didn’t Workout

    A Triathlete’s legal challenge that started back in June is on its last leg now that she’s pled guilty to one count of workers’ compensation insurance fraud. And for her chiropractor, it looks like he’s going to be breaking a pretty good sweat as well before it’s is all through. Charlotte Chapman accepted a previously... Read More

    Fraud Fermentation Ripe For Prosecution

    The Los Angeles and Sacramento District Attorneys’ offices have two new fraud trophies to hang on their walls. Ana Rosa Pena managed to slip an anxiety claim through on adjusters July 1, 1998 after her employer, Los Angeles County, received a bomb threat. But while on disability she went beyond just buying a bottle of... Read More
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