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    Fraud from inside and outside the courtroom - at adjustercom.net

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  • CEO Kareem Ahmed in the court room in 2014

    All Charges To Be Dropped Against All Remaining Defendants In Orange County Landmark Case

    Tomorrow, Friday, May 27th 2022, another hearing on the Landmark case will be held in Orange County Superior Court in Santa Ana, in court room C-35 of the honorable Sheila Hanson.  The Orange County District Attorney will ask the judge to dismiss all the charges against all the remaining defendants in this so-called Landmark case. ... Read More
    Dr. Hoffman leaves court on November 17th 2021

    Sim Hoffman M.D. Trial – Deposition taken in 2010 from civil case indicates Hoffman was involved in sleep center. 

    The court room opened at 9 am to its blue and white cloth flecked audience seats, its short wooden swing doors leading into the court well, and its amber bankers’ lamps on the long attorneys’ table as well as on the judge’s bench.  It was January 26th 2022.  Court room C-45 in Orange County has... Read More

    Sim Hoffman, M.D. Trial  — Interpreter whose license was used for billing testifies he didn’t do the interpretations. 

    Michael Zarrabi, who set up Dr. Hoffman’s Better Sleeping medical center around 2008, testified at the preliminary hearing on September 11th and 18th 2015.  He testified that he warned Dr. Hoffman that the billing amounts were too high.  When asked by prosecutor Shaddi Kamiabipour how he determined what sleep tests to give the patients, he... Read More

    Sim Hoffman, M.D. Trial – Prosecution Can’t Provide Testimony About Standard of Care. 

    It was January 6th 2022, Thursday, in court room C-45 of the honorable Richard King in the Santa Ana Superior Court.  The blue with white flecked audience chairs were empty, the jury absent, and the lawyers alone at the table were ready to go on the legal issues in the Sim Hoffman, M.D. trial. Defense... Read More

    Sim Hoffman, M.D. Trial:  Court shuts down over sick juror and COVID 19 scare. Judge has a raspy throat. Lawyers will deal with new legal motions on Thursday.

    The workers’ compensation claims fraud trial of Sim Hoffman, M.D. was about to resume in court room C-45 of the honorable Richard King in Orange County (Santa Ana) Superior Court.  It was January 3, 2022, Monday.  The blue and white flecked gallery seats were all still there between two aisles and the low wooden swinging... Read More

    Sim Hoffman, M.D. Trial – 50 3D MRI Counts Dropped.  Prosecution felt it was the right thing to do.  But what’s left of the People’s case?  The judge asks…

    Again, the jury is dismissed for the day and told to return on January 3, 2022.  The judge expresses his usual and customary “Enjoy your friends and family,” message and acknowledges once again their festive holiday attire.  It is Thursday, December 16th 2021.  The jury had appeared for work in Christmas and holiday themed shirts... Read More

    Sim Hoffman, M.D. Trial – Judge says “This case is going to hinge on the defendant’s knowledge of these claims.” 

    It was an afternoon of trial proceedings for defendant Sim Hoffman, M.D. in court room C-45.   It was the last day before the Christmas break, December 16th 2021. Judge Richard King now discussed with the parties outside the presence of the jurors and any witness that they needed to focus on the fact this is... Read More

    Cases dismissed against Landmark CEO Kareem Ahmed, Dr. Andrew Jarminski, and pharmacist Michael Rudolf in Orange County.  All charges are dropped.  Landmark case has gone up in smoke for the prosecution. 

    The so-called “Landmark case” was heard in Orange County Superior Court, C-35, just after 9 am on Monday, April 11th 2022.  A case for an incarcerated defendant was heard quickly and then, second, Judge Sheila Hanson called the Landmark case. Judge Sheila Hanson:  I am confused… Judge Hanson was speaking directly to prosecutor Shaddi Kamiabipour. ... Read More
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